Diplomazia nella steppa: i colloqui di Astana e il ruolo del Kazakhstan nella crisi siriana

Report No. 110

Title: Diplomazia nella steppa: i colloqui di Astana e il ruolo del Kazakhstan nella crisi siriana
Author: Giannicola Saldutti
Language: Italian
Keywords: Kazakhstan, Astana peace talks, Syrian crisis, Nazarbaev, Russia, Eurasia

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Abstract:  In the last 25 years the Republic of Kazakhstan has improved enormously its popularity among the international community through a clear strategy based on economic and cultural cooperation. Nevertheless, the report’s aim is to analyse extensively a hidden aspect of the Kazakhstan’s foreign politics: its “multilateral” behaviour and, above all, its capability in playing the role of “broker” in a particular contest marked by an international crisis. The Kazakhstan’s experience in foreign politics proves that it is possible and useful to establish a good relationship with different actors, from the West to the Eurasian space. This “multilateral” approach allows a meaningful strengthening of the influence of Kazakhstan in the resolution of many international disagreement. Today Kazakhstan is a non-permanent member of UN Security Council as well as member of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) from 1992. Kazakhstan has recently promoted a meaningful project of nuclear disarmament called “ATOM Project” in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Kazakhstan is also member of the Eurasian Economic Union: indeed, this positive approach towards EU and US has never undermined the strong relationship with Russia and, in general, the decisive role of Kazakhstan among the Eurasian community. One of the most successful results of Kazakhstan’s diplomacy is the organization, from the beginning of 2017, of the Astana peace talks among the Syrian peace process. In this contest, the author’s aim is to analyse the organization of the Astana peace talks as a case study in order to understand something amore about the multilateral approach of the foreign politics of Kazakhstan.

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